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Wednesday, March 4

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A Choice Of Internet Futures - Will Nonprofits Be Stuck In the Slow Lane? - #15NTCnetadvocacy MR 10CDan York Solving Website Problems Like a Detective - #15NTCdetective MR 9CJulia Kulla-Mader • Jenn Olivia • Kristen Smith Visual Media for a Social World: What You Need to Know About the Future of Social Media - #15NTCvisualmedia Ballroom BJenna Cerruti • Emma Chadband • Jessica Williams B Corporations and Innovating Fundraising Models - #15NTCbcorp MR 5ARick Johnston NTCjews: The Arch of Storytelling: From Exodus to Instagram - #15NTCjews MR 8BSeth Cohen • Lisa Colton 50 Fascinating Nonprofit Statistics - #15NTC50stats MR 7Steve MacLaughlin Online Communities That Inspire Action and Generate Results - #15NTCcommaction MR 6BMegan Keane • Joe Prosperi • Michael Wilson Play it again, Sam: Monthly Giving Programs For Sustaining Donations 'As Time Goes By' - #15NTCplayitagain Ballroom CJeanne Horne • Wendy Marinaccio Husman Moving Your Files to the Cloud: Options, Obstacles, and Obligations - #15NTCcloudmove MR 8CTom Moberg Tech Training for Small-Staff Orgs - #15NTCtechtrain MR 8AMark Larimer • Akilah Massey Help Desk or Service Desk: Either Way, How Does IT Become a Partner? - #15NTChelporservice MR 10BJohn Cronin • Steve Heye • Dar Veverka Paradox but Possible: Hardcore on Work AND Life - #15NTCparadox MR 6AStephanie Bowen • Leili Khalessi • Kivi Leroux Miller • Kerala Taylor Software and Service Contracts - How to Negotiate Reasonable Terms in the Cloud Era - #15NTCcontracts MR 10APeter Campbell Open Space Room - #15NTCopenspace MR 9A Big Data and Open Data Reuse by Nonprofits for the Creation of Sustainable Social Services - #15NTCreusedata MR 5BCSteve Nagoski Discovering If Like Equals Love: Understanding and Testing Online Engagement - #15NTCislikelove MR 4ABCDebra Askanase • Demetrio Cardona-Maguigad Nonprofits and the Digital Divide: New Research and Tips for Getting Started - #15NTCdigdivide MR 9BSheila Dugan • Parisa Fatehi-Weeks • Kristen Perry • Casey Sorensen

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#15NTCfromFAILtoFTW: Social Media Edition - #15NTCfromFAILtoFTW MR 9BYee Won Chong • James Nickerson • Frank Strona Multichannel Storytelling for Social Impact - #15NTCmultistory MR 9AMegan Anhalt • Jereme Bivins • Allison Cohen Smart Cookies: Find Your Web Marketing Sweet Spot - #15NTCsmartcookies MR 8CJessica Getty • Madeline Stanionis Unconference! {Code} Sprinting and Hackathons - #15NTChackathon MR 8BBrielle Plump • Preston Rhea Wearable and Mobile Tech: What it Means for Nonprofits - #15NTCwearable MR 5AAvi Kaplan • Miranda • Jared Seltzer • Michael Sola Accepting Payments: Credit Cards, Mobile Payments, and Cryptocurrencies - #15NTCmerchant MR 6BRobin Dupont • Stacy Dyer • David J. Neff • Alissa Ruehl • Jason Shim Email EQ for Fundraising & Engagment: Tips to Tap the Emotional Brain - #15NTCemaileq MR 6AKevin Jagoe • Cary Walski How to Prepare for Your Olympic-Sized Moment: Coordinating a Digital Campaign Across Multiple Channels, When it Matters Most. - #15NTColymoment Ballroom CDanielle Kantor • Brandon Penny Accessibility Awareness for Nonprofits - #15NTCacessibilty MR 5BCNisha Patel • Melinda Townsel Security Basics on a Nonprofit Budget - #15NTCnpsecurity MR 8AJohn Harvey • Jennifer Higgins Avoiding Disaster - A Practical Guide for Backup Systems & Disaster Recovery Planning - #15NTCdisasterguide MR 9CAndrew Ruginis • Dar Veverka 2015 Digital Outlook Report: Nonprofit Trends and Strategy - #15NTCoutlook MR 10AHeather McLean • Joleen Ong • Eric Rardin • Kathryn Richardson • Zach Zimmel Building a Culture of Usability Testing In Your Organization - #15NTCusability MR 10CColleen Hutchings • Amy Knox Saving the Internet with the Internet - #15NTCsavewww MR 7Ivan Boothe • Evan Greer Effective Distance Collaboration (Hint: It's More Complicated Than Vendors Like to Admit) - #15NTCdistance MR 10BAlice Aguilar • Dutch Embree • Lisa Jervis • Jeanine Shimatsu Online Communities that Drive Offline Action for the Environment - #15NTCdriveaction Ballroom BCourtney Cochran • Arielle Kilroy • Lindsay Razzaz Delivering Social Services through e-Learning - #15NTCsocialservice MR 4ABCAmy Haggarty • Chad Leaman

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