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Thursday, March 5

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Avoiding the 5 Most Common Mistakes in Responsive Email Design - #15NTCemaildesign MR 7Blake Groves • Ira Horowitz Does Your Content Strategy Now Trump SEO? Trends and Tips to Help You Get Found in 2015 - #15NTCseocontent MR 8CElizabeth Beachy • Arika Sánchez Google Analytics: Using Data to Improve Your Website - #15NTCgadata MR 10AYesenia Sotelo Community Organizers Connect - #15NTCcommbuild MR 8BThea Aldrich • Elijah van der Giessen • Praan Misir • Jamie Smith Considering Consulting to Nonprofits? Advice from the Pros, Speed- Dating Style - #15NTCnpconsult MR 5AMarlene Oliveira • Julia Reich Building 'Surround Sound' Fundraising Campaigns - #15NTCsurround MR 8ABrenna Holmes • Emily Stevenson Fundraising with Facebook and Twitter: Tried and True Strategies - #15NTCsocialfund MR 4ABCMichael Grenetz • John Haydon The Secret Formula for Successful Giving Days - #15NTCgivingdays MR 9BJamie McDonald • Caryn Stein Strategy, IT/Mission Alignment, and Outcomes -- How Do Yours Fit Together? - #15NTCitmission MR 10CSteve Heye • Kelly Trusty Winning 100% Buy-In from Staff and Board for Your Next Nonprofit Technology Adoption - #15NTCbuyin MR 5BCKathryn Engelhardt-Cronk • Brad Pierson • Norman Reiss • Jennifer Vocelka Responsive Websites: More Than Just Pretty Code - #15NTCbeyondcode MR 9CJohanna Bates • Erin Fogel • Jess Snyder Bringing It In-House: You Pay Agencies and Consultants Too Much - #15NTCinhouse MR 9ARebecca Campany • Hillary Hartley • Jamie Perez • Alison Quindlen Walking is Work: Don't Call It a Break - #15NTCwalkiswork MR 6ABeth Kanter • Ritu Sharma Scaling Up Social Change: Is the Netroots Model for You? - #15NTCscalechange Ballroom BDavid A. Karpf • Jesse Littlewood • Shaunna Thomas Believe! The Truth About Online Advocacy - #15NTCthetruth Ballroom CHeather Holdridge • Marc Ruben From Data Savvy to Data Science: How Nonprofits Can Leverage Data to Transform their Work - #15NTCdatasavvy MR 10BPeter Darche • Bob Filbin • Will Frechette Using Technology and Online Communication to Reach Rural or Marginalized Populations - #15NTCreachrural MR 6BMaite Arce • Osvaldo Gomez

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Beyond Pretty: Design as Transformative Act - #15NTCdesign MR 4ABCChristopher Taylor Edwards • Kiersten Nash • Emma Raynes Crafting Long-form Content for the Web - #15NTClongform MR 8CLisa Drobek • John Osterman • Nam-ho Park Day 2: Keeping Your Website Current Beyond Launch - #15NTCbeyondlaunch Ballroom BKira Marchenese • Farra Trompeter How to Run Twitter Chats that Create and Connect Communities - #15NTCtweetchat MR 8BMarlene Oliveira Technology Show and Tell: Share a Tool - #15NTCtechtools MR 5AChad Leaman How Healthy is Your Fundraising Program... Using Technology to Know - #15NTCfundhealth MR 8AMary Hackett • Traci Prantner The Secret Science of Email Deliverability - #15NTCemailftw Ballroom CHarmony Eichsteadt • Trung Nguyen • Laura Packard • Brett Schenker Contributing to the Commons: Strategies for Using Open Licenses - #15NTCopenlicense MR 10ACarly Leinheiser • Craig Sinclair How to and Where to Get Started with Business Intelligence - #15NTCbizsmart MR 5BCPaul Keogan • Lisa Streight Large Migration Projects. It's Not About the Software. - #15NTCmigration MR 10CBryan Boroughf • Mark Gordon • John Mix You CAN Run Your IT Completely in the Cloud! Open Source, Proprietary and Private Cloud - It All Works! - #15NTCcloudmix MR 9BTodd M. Tolbert Building Diversity, Accountability, and Empowerment into Your Organization - #15NTCdiversity Austin Suite - Level 3Maddie Grant • Allyson Kapin Managing a Tech Project (or Two or Three) - #15NTCpmbeyond MR 9AMelissa Barber • Lisa Goddard • Brett Meyer • Brian Pickett What to Do When Technology Isn't Your Problem? - #15NTCrealissues MR 7Marc Baizman • Dahna Goldstein • Tracy Kronzak • Robert Weiner Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How to Amplify Your Message through a Diverse Team - #15NTCteamwork MR 10BSara Eastham • Joey Price • Tim Samuel The International Jump: Think Less Like a Local Org and More Like a Global Community - #15NTCglobalcomm MR 9CGraham Covington • Shannon Miller • Polly Shannon Engaging Latinos Online - #15NTClatinos MR 6BMatt Adler The ROI of Data - #15NTCrealdata MR 6ABob Filbin

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M+R Benchmarks: The Prequel. Data, Trends, Tools, and Tricks from the Upcoming Study - #15NTCbenchmarks MR 8CJoleen Ong • Marc Ruben • Madeline Stanionis Text2Change: How to Leverage Text Messaging for Communication - #15NTCtextmessage MR 10BVanessa Mason • McCrae Parker Video Strategy - How to Compete and Win in a Video-Centric World - #15NTCvideostrat Ballroom CBridgett Colling • Michael Hoffman Emerging Tech Trends, Where NPTech is Going - #15NTCtechtrends MR 5ASteve MacLaughlin • Donna Wilkins STOP Shooting Videos, START Unlocking Stories! - #15NTCvideostories MR 8BSheri Chaney Jones • Yasmin Nguyen Gaming for Change: The Gamification of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising - #15NTCgameforchange MR 10CLea Madry • Nancy Palo • Devan Twyman Reporting for Social Impact: Measuring and Communicating Outcomes with Balanced Scorecards - #15NTCimpactreport MR 5BCChris Carter • Heather McLean Stop Trying to Reinvent the Wheel: Online Fundraising Campaigns that Get Results Every Time. - #15NTCnoreinvent MR 6BElizabeth Bruns • Laura Connors • Allison Porter • David Saunders A Journey of 1,000 Miles: How to Develop a 3-year Technical Strategy - #15NTC3yrstrategy MR 9ANate Parsons How to Choose the Right Database(s) for Your Organization - #15NTCtherightdb MR 6AMichelle Chaplin • Laura Quinn Sync All the Things! How Progressive Nerds are Changing the Future of Political Data and Integration - #15NTCsync MR 10ABen Byrne • Josh Cohen • Lev Tsypin • Will Vanderbilt Getting Business Intelligence Started: Tales from the Journey from Spreadsheets to Enterprise Data Marts - #15NTCdatasmart MR 7Daniel Freed • Welles Hatch • Kary Kalapanda • Vitaly Shusterov Igniting a Culture of Tech Innovation - #15NTCtechculture MR 9CEmily Lonigro Boylan • Yee Won Chong Tech Volunteerism Triumphs and Challenges - #15NTCtechvol Ballroom BJuanita Budd • David Forrester • Charlie Gagen • James Rooney Open Space Room - #15NTCopenspace MR 8A Social Media as an Equalizer- Using Technology to Provide a Platform for the Marginalized Voices - #15NTCequalizer MR 9BAndrea Berry • Aaron Bramley • Erick H. • Rene Swink

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