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Friday, March 6

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Content Strategy 101 - #15NTCstrat101 MR 4ABCKatie Carrus • Brett Meyer How to Tell Your Boss That You Rock: Explaining Digital Metrics to Less Web-Savvy Staff - #15NTCdigmetrics MR 8CBriana Kerensky • Matt Ott • Meico Whitlock A/B Testing to Win: How to Manage a Successful Testing Program - #15NTCabtest MR 9CCaitlin Seeley George • Bill Gordon • Michael Grenetz • Jill Pape Essential Website Trends for 2015 - #15NTCwebtrends MR 5AKevin Walsh Navigating the World of e-Learning - #15NTCelearn MR 8BAmy Haggarty • Londell Jackson Women in Technology and Leadership: Being Seen and Heard - #15NTCfemtech MR 6BVeda Banerjee • Johanna Bates • Michelle Chaplin • Tracy Kronzak The Rebrand Effect: Accelerating Fundraising Through Communications - #15NTCrebrand MR 5BCWill Nolan • Farra Trompeter What Has Your Donation Page Done for You Lately?: Testing, Optimization & Best Practices - #15NTCoptdonation MR 10CChris Brooks • Dawn Stoner • Mwosi Swenson Beyond The Finish Line : Integrated Social Fundraising - #15NTCfinishline Ballroom CLarry Housel • Megan Nichols • Tim Sarrantonio If You Are Not Here, Raise Your Hand: Demographic Data Collection Implications and Opportunities - #15NTChandraise MR 10AIvan Boothe • Yee Won Chong • Lisa Jervis Test for the Rest! Making a Priority of Accessibility - #15NTCtest4therest MR 8ADan Mouyard Crafting IT Policy to Improve Security and Manage BYOD - #15NTCbyod MR 10BPeter Campbell • Johan Hammerstrom Reporting & Evaluation: Why is it Important for Increasing Online Engagement - #15NTCevaltoengage MR 7Elyse Greenberg Tips for Recruiting and Leveraging Board Members - #15NTCboarddev MR 9AJeanne Allen • Omar Garriott • Alethea Hannemann Sex, Lies, and the Internet - #15NTConlineharass Ballroom BSarah Barnett • Allyson Kapin • Shireen Mitchell • Rinku Sen Giving the People What They Want from Online Activism - #15NTCactivismwins MR 9BMolly Brooksbank • Mary Nicol Social Entrepreneurship : Evolution of a Sector - #15NTCevolution MR 6ADavid J. Neff • Zoe Schlag • Nate Schlueter • PenPal Schools

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Don't Panic! How to Embrace Emerging Social Media with Infinite Majesty and Calm - #15NTCembracesm MR 9ALauren Girardin Is it Worth it for Nonprofits to Build Branded Apps? - #15NTCbrandedapp MR 8AAdam Hostetter • Zee Hoffmann Jones Mapping Your Digital Audiences: Using Social Network Analysis to Take Your Communications Strategy to the Next Level - #15NTCdigmap MR 9CNicole Fernandez • Erin Gamble Sustainers: Everybody Wants Them, But What are the Best Tactics to Get Them - #15NTCsustainers MR 6BHeather Marsh • Sue Anne Reed • Shiloh Stark Toward a Predictive Model for Fundraising - #15NTCpredictive MR 9BMary Dillon Kerwin Your Guide to 2015 Digital Opportunity and Finding Tools to Get You There - #15NTCdigtools Ballroom BMatthew Mielcarek • Caryn Stein How to Perform a Strategic Technology Assessment for Your Nonprofit - #15NTCnpstrategy MR 4ABCLisa Rau Adoption Shouldn't be an Afterthought: Making Sure Your Organization Actually Uses the Technology You Implement - #15NTCtechadopt MR 10BAustin Buchan • Tucker MacLean • Kevin Peralta • Norman Reiss Changing The Tires While Driving The Car: Leading in Times of Change - #15NTCleadchange MR 10CLisa Colton • Cindy Johanson • Gina Schmeling Make It So: The Challenge of Making Your CEO's Visions an IT Reality - #15NTCceovisions MR 10AKaren Addams • Joseph La Belle • Richard La Belle • Debra Tucker When Millennials Take Over: How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for the Future of Business - #15NTCmillennial Ballroom CMaddie Grant • Jamie Notter Open Space Room MR 8C Open Space Room MR 7 Harnessing the Power of Social Media in State Policy Work - #15NTCpolicywork MR 5AMona Cadena • Aurora Matthews • Danielle Tarr Legal Best Practices in Online Fundraising and Communications - #15NTClegal MR 6ACarly Leinheiser Media Innovation in Austin and Beyond - Lessons for Nonprofits - #15NTCmediainnovate MR 5BCDavid Rousseau • Evan Smith • Vincent Stehle • Stewart Vanderwilt Rural Tech: Strategies to Support Nonprofits in Rural Communities with Technology Adoption - #15NTCruraltech MR 8BSilvia Paz • Mike Rubio • Tatiana Vizcaino-Stewart

3:00pm CST

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