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Jianda Monique

Freelance Contractor
Transformative Social Media, Editorial & Creative Manager
Las Cruces, New Mexico Area
Jianda Johnson (artist name - Jianda Monique) is a multi-genre artist, vocalist, writer, amateur coder/photographer, and ed tech enthusiast…for starters. Growing up on the project management side of the music/entertainment industries (MP3.com/eMusic, blogger for RollingStone.com, BlogCritics et al), you may have experienced her work in UC Irvine's music projects by Tycho, Gather the Women, Om Records, select film and TV soundtracks, and more. As an alum of UC Irvine, Pomona College Claremont and…Montessori, she’s come full circle and now serves as the Business Manager of the world-renowned, eco/community-conscious nonprofit, Guadalupe Montessori School. As a data-wrangler in the nascent days of web properties such as GeoCities (Yahoo), iXL and MP3.com, Jianda is still riding the wave of 0’s and 1’s for the betterment of community, culture, heart and soul. Visit or contact Jianda on Twitter @MontessoriEdTec or @jiandamonique.