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Emily Lonigro Boylan

LimeRed Studio
President & Founder
Greater Chicago Area
Hi everyone!

A leader in the tech and design industry for 13 years, Emily runs the only WBE B Corporation UX agency in the world. She’s launched products, built teams, coached businesses, and run her own business in Chicago and NYC. Her expertise spans business, UX, design, technology, operations, and research for startups, social enterprises, small business and nonprofits.

In addition, Emily runs a 501c4, a lobbying organization for women and children's rights in Illinois.

Questions I can help with:
- How do I communicate with developers and manage a team?
- What do great product owners do and how can I be better?
- How can I expand my business? Where are the opportunities for growth?
- I’m just getting started - what comes first?
- What advice do you have for women in business and technology?
- What are the possible paths my business can take over the next few years?
- How do I develop and strengthen my networks?
- How do I effectively pitch my business?
- Now that I’m ready, how should I go about building up my team?
- Any user/UX questions.
- Anything around brand strategy or design.

About me:
13 years of business experience in tech and design industry
20 years of experience in design, branding, technology, UX, and UI
Significant sales and business networking expertise
Expertise in leadership skills, leading and managing teams
Defining mission, vision, company culture
Extensive network of professional resources and connections