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Nate Schlueter

ROADS program at Mobile Loaves & Fishes
Nate is crazy about following Jesus, loving his family well, and serving the poor. He firmly believes that everyone has a God-given talent that can be used to earn a dignified income. He often says that “Talent is universal, but opportunity is not.” He has dedicated his life to creating & releasing opportunities for the poor and homeless to earn income and have friends encouraging them in the process. Nate developed a unique model that allows the worker to 
receive 100% of the profits for his micro-business initiatives. He is the co-founder of ReWork Project, which is a community response dedicated to re-thinking work for the homeless and building healthy friendships. He founded the ROADS micro-enterprise program (Relationships & Opportunities Allowing for Dignity & Security) at Mobile Loaves & Fishes. Nate is the past director of the ROADS program, and the former Community Relations Director at Mobile  Loaves & Fishes where he created the nationally recognized Street Treats mobile vending business for the homeless in Austin. Currently he serves on both the Spiritual advisory committee and the Pave the Way home committee for the Mobile Loaves & Fishes Community First! Village. He is on the board of the Refuge DMST which is building a therapeutic ranch for minors that have been victims of sex trafficking on 50 acres near Austin. He is now working on his new non-profit called Encouraging Works to use his micro-enterprise skills to create opportunities for the poor to earn dignified income in Uganda.